Peru 2023

For the last 11 years, Connection Point Church has worked hard to establish a network of church partners throughout the beautiful country of Peru.  We have served hundreds of churches and thousands of people over the past decade.  This year we will be taking two trips to Peru.  
The first trip will take place from June 23 to July 2 and we will go to Cusco, Peru.
The second trip will take place from October 3 tor October 10th and we will go up the Amazon river into the Jungle of Peru.
Each year, some of our members take a step of faith to raise money and travel to Peru to make this mission happen.  We would love your support of their efforts.  If you would like to support one of our missionaries on a trip in 2023, simply click on their names below.

Jessica Montgomery

Fully Funded!
Jessica is the leader of this trip. Jessica has been to Peru several times but this will be her first trip to Cusco!
Raised $2670 of $3000
Cindy McNeil is looking forward to going on this trip and sharing the Gospel.  Click above to support her.
Raised $2650 of $3000
This will be Elliot's first mission trip.  Elliot is in Junior High School in Wylie and looks forward to sharing the Gospel with other in Peru this Summer.

Jill Koniuszy

Raised $2810 of $3000
This will be Jill's first mission trip to Peru.  Jill looks forward to sharing the Gospel with the men and women of Cusco.

Erica Halpin

This will be Erica's first time to Peru.
Raised $2360 of $3000
This will be Stephanie's second trip to Peru.
Raised $2300 of $3000
This is Kris's first Mission trip to Peru!
Mike is an elder at Connection Point Church. This is Mike's first trip to Peru!