Have you ever wondered if you had done enough to please God?

Most people spend their lives trying to do enough good things to please God. God never wanted us to simply follow rules. He wanted us to know Him. That is why we prioritize relationships over religion.

Most of us spend our lives pretending that we have our lives together.

Unfortunately, the more we fake it, the less likely that we will ever change. We can’t change until we are willing to admit we need to change.That is why we prioritize living lives that are authentic over artificial.

Almost everyone you know views success as getting more stuff. We are surrounded by a culture that tells us success can be found in a bigger house, a better car, or a better job.

The problem is that this view of success never ends and never impacts anyone besides yourself. Jesus said you will be happier if you give than if you get. This is why we value giving over getting.

What do you think of when you think of Church?

For many of us, we think of boring sermons and a list of rules to follow. When we look at the life and power of Jesus, we see the exact opposite. We see a teacher who could raise the dead. We see a man who taught with authority and power. Church should never seem average. This is why we prioritize remarkable over routine.