Why we believe in the Church

We Believe in the Church.
It matters what we believe about the church. The church is the most important solution the world has access to. As followers of Jesus, we MUST understand the potential of the local church, the power of a healthy church, and the priority of living like God’s people. If we get these three things right, the world will be transformed by the power of God.

The potential of the local church!
Only the church has a connected global network that can be mobilized in times of tragedies and struggle. No other organization or non-profit or government entity exists in every town in every community and every country. If you are poor in Africa or wealthy in Australia, you are likely within walking distance of a group of believers that will help you when you are in need. It is our responsibility to steward this opportunity with intention and might.
When the pandemic hit in 2020, it took one phone call and one bank transfer for our church in Wylie to feed 200 families in Arequipa, Peru for 2 weeks! We didn’t have to book a flight or find a hotel. The logistics had been in place for 2000 years. The infrastructure was ready and waiting. No other organization, including the Peruvian or United States governments were able to move that fast. Within a day, we had money in the hands of local pastors who were able to buy groceries in the local stores and distribute them safely from their local church meeting location. There is nothing like the potential of connected local churches!

The power of a healthy church!
In order to see the impact and possibilities, a church must be healthy. We must desire for God to work in our lives to conform our hearts to His. The problem that the world faces is unhealthy churches that misrepresent the love and holiness of God. Poor leadership, nominal church members, self-seeking or apathetic believers who are unrepentant and uninterested are infecting local churches will always be a black eye for the kingdom of God.
  • In a healthy church, the Holiness of God and His love for broken people are both protected and lived out.
  • In a healthy church, sinners are given the grace to find forgiveness and freedom in Christ.
  • In a healthy local church, the members of the church see their lives transformed by the Holy Spirit of God and shine like a beacon to those outside the church.
  • In a healthy local church, the community can look inside and see how to love and forgive one another- even our enemies!
  • In a healthy local church, the world can find solutions to all of our greatest challenges- hunger, disease, racism, and war.

The priority of a living like God's church!
As we look at all of the challenges in this world, we are likely to look to our government or a particular leader to show us how to navigate the chaos. We may look towards a political platform or ideology. The world will not be impacted by any of those things because God has already chosen an instrument. God has mercifully decided to use imperfect people to carry out His perfect plan.
God has mercifully decided to use imperfect people to carry out His perfect plan.
God has rescued us so we can reach others. We can never forget that the local church is the hope of the world. Each local church member has an integral part to play in the story of God. We must relentlessly pursue Jesus in our own lives so that the world may see God’s power in us! We must passionately embrace all seasons of struggle, challenge, and success as if they are under God’s control. We walk humbly in adversity and prosperity. The world should be drawn to our lives, even if they can’t understand our doctrines.

In conclusion
The church is God’s people on earth. 2 Corinthians 5:20-21 reminds us that we are his ambassadors: Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.  For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. This means that we are God’s chosen representatives to show people how to forgive, how to love, and how to follow faithfully.
God reveals Himself to us so that we can reveal Him to others. Everything He does for us has a purpose. The church is the mission of God. The church is the hope of the world.

"I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. 19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”
Matthew 16:18-19
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