How do you win a war you won't fight? (4 of 4)

Over the past few weeks, I've been using this blog to wrestle with some of the problems I see in our culture- specifically in the American church.  I've seen Christians identifying with their political ideas at the expense of living out Christlike values.  One of the main problems in my opinion is our willingness to take sides in the current culture wars.  When we fight a war- living like Christ becomes secondary to winning the war.  

Christian values don't win culture wars, but they can win the culture.  If we are trying to win a war. virtues, such as humility, patience, and empathy are removed. But to win a culture, self sacrifice and living a life that extends beyond ourselves becomes infinitely more attractive.  

The alternative is to not fight.  The alternative is to serve.  Instead of looking for opponents to conquer, we must look for opportunities to show the love of Christ.  Instead of complaining of problems, we must sacrifice to solve the problems.  The alternative is to pray.   We are the hands and feet of Jesus.

We don't need to fight any battles that don't focus on the cross.    Our victory has already been won!
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