Worship Wednesday - Crying Rocks?

Most of us have heard the story of the Triumphal Entry. Jesus rides into town, set for his rescue mission, on a donkey with people cheering his praises that he is the King. Not all were cheering, though. Those pesky Pharisees were annoyed at what seemed like blasphemous worship to them. They asked Jesus to tell his followers to stop. His response:

“I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.” - Luke 19:40

Very simply, Jesus' reply means that his followers' praise should be encouraged, not suppressed. The people of Jerusalem were experiencing joy that day, and it was fully appropriate for them to express it. He was not a fan of the Pharisees trying to stifle their exhortations, much like the story of David and Michal in 2 Samuel.

I think it is our joy, especially being made in the image of God, to proclaim our praise to God. However, the other implications of his reply rang true to me this last week.

Last Saturday I got to hike Mount Sopris in Colorado for the first time. It was one of those mountains that extend majestically above the earth. I think what Jesus meant to say was that the rocks would make you cry out. Because Holy Cow! the rocks on this hike made my feet and calves scream with pain. I may have cried. Haha! JK. Kind of.

Here's why Jesus really did mean that the rocks will cry out...The view from the bottom of the mountain is one that makes me fear God. His power, knowledge, and grandiosity. 
The view from the top is one that makes me stand in awe and wonder at His creativity, His beautiful creation, His mind, and more. The view makes me worship my creator!
And what is that view comprised of...rocks! Haha! Lots and lots of rocks! The rocks CRY OUT in their magnitude of a Creator, turned Savior, who somehow loves each of us. This is one of the reasons I love spending time hiking in His creation. Jesus knew - even if the people were quiet - "the very stones would cry out."

My prayer today is that God reveals Himself to you through the beauty and magnitude of His creation this week. 

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Cindy - September 20th, 2021 at 9:59pm

The first time I read that the rocks would cry out if I didnt it made me happy because I tend to get loud in worship. I love that Jesus invites us to be bold as we worship him.

Great pictures!