Listening to God.

In week one of our series, "BRUTIFUL" I used this text:
Luke 9:51- When the days drew near for him to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem.
Most commentaries will note this shift in purpose.  He goes from preaching and teaching in areas that are less precarious to following God’s path for his life.  He sets his sights on Jerusalem and goes.  His disciple, Thomas will see his direction and say, “Let’s go die with him”.  Jerusalem was known as the place prophets go to die.  But Jesus didn’t hesitate to walk that path.  

This led me to notice that most of us don't live this type of intentionality towards God. We live intentionally in many aspects of life, but not with God.
How long did you pray before choosing a college?  I chose based on the dorm.  How did you know God said yes for you to go to that college?  Did you wait for a miraculous sign?
How long did you need to pray before buying a car? What was the sign that car was the right one? Did a beam from heaven rest on that car?
How did you decide that last vacation?  How did you know that was the right location? Did you hear an audible voice?  

Now think of the things that Jesus actually did model and tell us to do
Jesus said go to all the nations.  How long do you need to pray before you say yes to the mission field? How many of us need an audible voice, a miraculous check to arrive from a mysterious donor?
Jesus said feed the hungry, clothe the naked. Jesus said visit the prisoners.  How long do you need to pray before you decide, one day a month I’m going to go serve.
Jesus said take care of the fatherless and the widows.  How long do you need to pray before you decide to foster, adopt, become a CASA, serve with Embrace?
- “You don’t just decide that Joel!" would be a normal response. But consider this: there was a time when Christians just obeyed, even when it was brutal- even if it wasn't practical in their lives.  But we need a miracle from heaven, every door closed and every excuse knocked out before we obey.  If we won’t consider the brutal, we will never see the beautiful.

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Cindy M - November 20th, 2021 at 9:24pm