Do the ends justify the means? (3 of 4)

For the past few weeks, I've been diving into some thoughts on the dangers of Christians to engage in the culture wars.  Of course, everyone's first response is to assume that we are too smart for this and we are good Christians who are not entangled in these wars.  My challenge to you is check your heart. Do you consider yourself progressive or conservative? Do you like a particular news site that is considered left or right leaning? Do you view people that vote different than you as good or bad. Do you think in terms of us vs. them when it comes to your political beliefs.  All of these things can be dangerous for Christians. We can become too entrenched in winning culture wars and living out cultural values instead of Christ's values.  The truth is this: Following Jesus does not fit comfortably in either political party.  The Christian life is much different from the norm.

Today I want to highlight another problem for Christians engaging in culture wars.  When we fight a war- the ends justify the means. In other words, if it is us vs. them, we need to win at all costs, even if we must be unChristlike in the process. Calling people fools or lying is fair game. A lie is a strong word, but most people I know who argue their political perspectives engage straw man arguments and other deceitful tactics. Of course, these tactics are allowed-its a war after all. If we are in a culture war we give ourselves permission to dominate and use power for victory. If we are in a war we can win at all costs; we can use any means necessary.
The problem is that Jesus taught us to love our enemies.  Jesus taught us to be servants.  Jesus taught us to never use the word "fools" and to pray for those who persecute us.  Simply engaging in a culture war is a problem for a Christian.  It assumes that we are good and they are bad.  In fact, it assumes many things that go against the fabric of the Gospel.  
My hope is that Christians will be more concerned with being Righteous before God than right before our opponents.  My hope is that people will be drawn to Jesus through our sincere devotion to him rather than our prideful political arguments.  
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