Opting out of the culture wars. (2 of 4)

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I have a problem with Christians who take a political side at the expense of their identity in Christ.  Politics in the US are engaged in a decisive culture war.  When a Christian identifies more with a political ideology that Jesus, we have a problem.  We become soldiers in a culture war. When we fight a war- it is us vs. them.  Wars are meant to be won.  One of the problems that Christians currently face is that we have become so entrenched in the cultural battles that we have given up our primary call of Christ.  To follow Jesus and love others.  When we view people that have different values and do not follow God as enemies, we are led to dangerous conclusions. We  must eliminate them not invite them to Jesus. Enemies are supposed to be defeated, not brought back into the fold of Christ.
Viewing people that disagree with us as enemies encourages us to take up non-Christian values.  It makes us less like Jesus.  Viewing those we disagree with on important issues as enemies leads us away from humility and personal repentance for our own sins and causes us to arrogantly judge and chastise others.  We violate Jesus' command for us to recognize our own sinfulness and forgive others when we are unloving towards them. We are called to turn the other cheek. We are called to serve them. We are called to love our enemies.  All of these qualities can only be viewed as virtues when you no longer see yourself as a warrior in a battle and you see yourself as a child of God who was graciously saved and adopted by a savior.  Jesus saved you and He can and will save others.  
The only way for a church to reach those far from God is to lay down our lives and desires so that the name of Christ can be made great. Instead of fighting, complaining, and winning arguments- we must sacrifice ourselves, pray, love, and love our enemies and invite them to follow Jesus. 
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