Why do we do groups like we do?

Have you ever wondered how or why we do Connect Groups like we do?  Groups are a common element to every church, but our groups have a few features that might be a little unique to us.  So here are a few answers to some common questions:

Why are groups such a big deal?

Groups are a big deal because they are the primary way that we care for one another at CPC.  Although our pastors would love to be the primary way to care for our people, it would not be wise or possible.  Connect Groups allow our church to develop deep relationships while growing together as love, care, and grow together.  Being in a group is mandatory for members of our church because it is the only way we can ensure that we are following the guidelines laid out in scripture to love one another and bear each other's burdens sufficiently. 

Why do we do "seshes"?

At CPC, we have 3 sessions or "seshes" of Connect Groups.  There are many reasons we start and stop our groups 3 times a year, but here are a few of them:
  • It gives our group leaders scheduled and clear breaks.  It can be a big commitment to lead a group, but imagine if you were signing up to lead a group that never ended.  Our leaders are able to lead for the long term because we build into our rhythm intentional breaks.
  • It gives our members clear "on ramps" and "off ramps".  
    • On ramps allow new people clear times to sign up for a group so that they won't feel like an outsider joining a group that has been together for a while.  Everyone is new at the beginning of a sesh, even if the group has been together a while.
    • On ramps allow us a clear time to start new groups.  This ensures that we always have opportunities for people to connect in a group.
    • Off ramps allow our groups to stay healthy. Let's face it, not every group is perfect for every person.  There are many reasons you may need to change groups: a change in schedule, a personality conflict, or simply because there is a better fit for you and your family.  Whatever the reason, we want to make it easy for you to find the right group, so off ramps give you an opportunity to change groups without risking relationships.  No one wants to "break up" with a group or group leader, so clear off ramps can make it easier to change groups with out the drama.

Who oversees our group ministry?

Our Connect Groups are overseen by the elders of CPC.  Each group has a specific elder who will check in with the group leader each month and visit the group each sesh. Each member of a connect group will have their elder as another point of care within our church. Our hope is that this added layer of care will give each member the confidence to seek the guidance or care of the elders when needed.
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