Is it good to be driven by goals?

One of the challenges of leading a church of diverse people with diverse personalities is that it can be hard to stay unified.  Over the past year, our leadership at CPC has been praying about a spiritual journey that would unite our church like never before.  There are many ways to unite a group of people, but one of the best ways that I have found is to focus our church on a few goals.
Over the last few years, I have experimented with  several different ways to live a focused, growing spiritual life.  I have tried setting strenuous goals, I have tried setting no goals, I have tried following general guidelines, and I have tried following strict routines.  Without a doubt, setting clear, attainable goals was the most effective method of growth for me personally.  I recognize that goals are not the only way to grow (and maybe not the best way), but they seem to be an effective way of moving forward in order to achieve a desired outcome.  
As our leadership prayed about unifying our church, two goals rose to the top of our idea pile.  1. Raise $350k above and beyond our regular giving.  This number is not pulled out of thin air. Through the guidance of a consultant and through prayer of our leadership, we decided that this goal would stretch our church, yet be attainable.  It would also put us in a position to build our own facility on the land that we are in the process of purchasing.  My favorite thing about this goal is that it takes all of us.  Our hope is that we our entire church will take a step of faith as we consider what we can give towards this goal.
2. Our second goal is to see 200 first time guest come through our doors in the next 3 years. This comes out to about new faces each week. This means that our entire church is going to need to unite and invite!  Our hope is that we will turn our eyes towards our community and invite them to be a part of what God is doing at CPC.  
I understand that not everyone is driven by achieving goals, but I know that all of us want to see our church reach our community and represent Jesus well. I hope that everyone of us will begin to pray about how we can contribute financially and through inviting others to Connection Point Church.
Both of these goals are going to take a great deal of prayer and focus to achieve, but they will also put our church in a great position to minister well to our community when we achieve them!  I hope that you will join us this Sunday as we begin a new spiritual journey that we believe will grow your faith in Christ and prepare us for a great season at CPC.
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Cindy - April 1st, 2022 at 9:25pm

Looking forward to the new series.

Praying over who to invite to church.